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Celebr8ing #TShirtDay in the Upper Haight

We work hard every day for our working, touring musicians here in the Upper Haight.  So we like to get festive when BBC’s Old Band Shirt day rolls around.  TGIF & Happy #TShirtDay!

love your rosebuddies, L&M


Themyscira: Returning Home 

After dreaming about bringing Warrior Wonder Woman to life for years, this shoot at the Palace of Fine Arts feels like the zenith of the project. The setting was perfect, the weather beautiful, and the photographer - Andrew Ho - incredibly talented. I actually felt like an Amazon at home on Themyscira. 

You can read my costume construction notes for Warrior Wonder Woman here

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SF Green Festival - 11/9 & 11/10

Program: http://bit.ly/1evpMp3

It’s that time of year again, the Green Festival is back in town.  This will be the last one at the concourse, dear diamond center.

Last year was my first time going, and boy was it an amazing eco fun time.  There were so many awesome vendors pushing sustainable, organic, fair trade, green products - food, clothing, energy, liquor, makeup, perfumes, luxurious body creams. Lots of yum.  Oh, and don’t forget effective biodegradable cleaning detergents.  That’s always important to daily life.  Last year they had a wine bar full of organic wines <3 quite luxurious, right?

There are going to be awesome speakers.  I’m looking forward to Amy Goodman insight on the trends of social change then the talk “Hemp as Earth Medicine.”  Check the brochure, and if you see me, say hi!

xoxo, ise


Detail of Benny Bufano’s Madonna at Fort Mason.


Detail of Benny Bufano’s Madonna at Fort Mason.